how handy to have a zero-feed

in #null4 years ago

tonight seems to be hell-bent on making sure i get absolutely nothing done ... making a balance like that

2019 is another total loss. Time didnt go backward, money didnt go up, i didnt get younger and im in exactly the same place i was years ago. I found humans to be exactly the same as i found them to be 16 years ago as a rule of thumb. I cant generalize or speak on people i dont know and outhere on the internet, no one is exactly what they seem to be.

I doubt the kid will ever be an astronaut. I doubt the dude will move out to Mongolia with his cats and a bit of cash to live a life away from humanity.

In essence ... if things are the same, over time they went backward. Entropy

despite that, i have no intention of caving in to mediocrity, and statistics dictate that the chance i suddenly turn into a 'normal' person (whatever that may be since i dont know any nor have i ever met any but on t.v.)
declines by the second ... and despite that

given the chance of all particles in the universe picking a quantum petridish full and condensing into me, i also have no intention of dangling from a rope. I'll just sit it out until the end of days then

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