Crypto Moves Fast! Here Is What You Missed

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Greetings everyone! We have a lot to share with you today. These updates I am about to share with you are all from this week and a lot is happening daily. Please take a look at each segment and watch the ones that interest you most. Or better yet watch them all!

I know personally love learning about new things and absorbing as much information as quickly as I can when I come across something worthy of my time that can benefit me. And I am sure you do too :)

Explosive 2Q18 Highlights

Today we are going to take a look at our 2nd quarter 2018´ which greatly increased the fundamentals of the BGB platform.

  • Staking rewards
  • Referral program
  • Buy / sell exchange
  • New roadmap to come

Watch a projects fundamentals to know where price is going.

Bitcoin Growth Bot's Payouts Have Begun!

We had the platform's soft launch in early March, 2018 and have since learned a lot of things. The platform is solid and able to handle a ton of traffic as we had seen 8,000 members join in one week. We learned that we are not ready to scale.

The bot's payouts which begun on June 2nd, 2018 is a major milestone. Since the bot is real, it could only payout as the algo produces. Although it took some time to get going the payouts have begun bringing the project full circle and the payouts have been substantial!

Increased Nucleus (NCL) Utility via Subscriptions

Bitcoin Growth Bot will be looking to add subscription services paid in Nucleus and burn the collected Nucleus (NCL) in order to cover the amount of NCL used for staking and referral rewards thus making Nucleus a deflationary asset.

New Features Added to the Bitcoin Growth Bot Platform

We are constantly striving to create the best user experience and make Bitcoin Growth Bot the best investment platform on the blockchain.

BGB Takes Security Seriously Discussion with a Developer

Learn how the BGB team has gone to great lengths to keep the platform secure. Also we spoke with a KYC expert who took a deep dive into our platform and gave us the green light that everything we do is above board and rock solid.

New Bonus Program Details / How to Claim Your Bonus

We offer a bonus on purchases to qualifying users. Learn more about the program and how to take advantage now.

It's Official! New Liquidity Provider Brings Italy Full BGB Access

Thoughts from platform users

Allow me to close with some sincere messages shared by the community this week. Remember a project is only as good as its community and BGB has a rock solid and involved community invested in the future!

That was my favorite comment shared this week. It makes all of the hard work worth it for sure.

One more important thing to share with you today...

We have a Contest! 4,000 Nucleus (NCL) in Prizes!

It is contest time! We are giving away over 4,000 NCL in prizes! That is right over 4k NCL!

The purpose of this content is to foster volume on NCL purchases. We are calling it an airdrop, kinda catchy don’t you think? Technically though winners will be paid via a normal transaction.

Speaking of winners! There will be plenty of winners with some serious money going to the winners.

Highest volume of exchange purchases Nucleus (NCL) contest

1st place, 2000 NCL
2nd place, 1000 NCL
3rd place, 500 NCL

The contest will run for 14 days and ends at 12:00pm PST on July 3rd, 2018.

Understanding BGB in two minutes

If this is your first time hearing about Bitcoin Growth Bot take two minutes to watch this explainer video and learn about the platform benefits now.

Sign up:

Please upvote, share and most importantly sign up and join us!


BGB is an excellent project. Great work BGB team (y).

Love the way you express yourself and explain everything in a very correct way, thanks for sharing!

BGB still ROCKS !!

good information you can define me more then video ?

Excellent roundup. Very insightful post. The NCL contest looks exciting too, good luck with it!

So, what makes this platform different than bitconnect??? It seems to be the same idea to me, and I lost a fair amount of money in that deal.

We have a real trading algorithm verified by an independent third party. Check the website. You mentioned a pyramid scheme. No proof of anything and too good to be true. There are a million differences and no similarities. BGB is an investment platform dependent on the performance of the algorithm.

I'll admit I was making a cursory assessment so, I will go check the website, as you suggest, and see what questions I have.

I do have a question though, from the little bit I saw on your website it looks like I can't participate because I'm from the US. Why is that?

totally true

excellent post, very useful information.

Wow! So much awesome info there!

I do hope btc will be back in the old days where it skyrockets as much as 20k dollars so that everybody wil be happy :)

I believe that soon btc returns to recover that price

Good information but this Bot in that currency pays?

The bot is trading Bitcoin in the foreign exchange markets. Payouts are also in Bitcoin

bgb will be around for a long time.

BGB, best crypto company anywhere!

Wow some fabolous improvements are introduced. Its a good step and best of luck for the contest NCL

crypts are our future


SEE the trend replicating 2015 in 2018

i hope your advice will be very helpful in our cryptocurrency business.i knew many thing from your's very effective post.Thank you.

can you help me . i have invested my hardearn money on trx and it is 50% down . what to do

This is the perfect time to get some NCL and recoup those losses.

Yup thats aa great thing, and yeahBGB rocks....@hennessy

@bitcoingrowthbot there is any options to take Bitcoin withdrawal to bank without any action if Bitcoin ban in india. Plz create a video for that.

If they ban it in India how can they withdraw it to an Indian bank?

There was some useful...
But my question is from another topic,right now whichone is more profitable pc mining or cloud mining?
And if its pc mining then which gpu should i use on a budegete setup?

When BGB is list in Another Exchange. BGB lending program is not stisfactory coin price is continuously fallen, when its going to upward. Thanks

Give me a up vote,,i give you

That makes no sense. NCL is on a decentralized exchange now, Waves. The BOT has been paying out between 6%-12% on some days. And NCL just did a 2X last week. Do you know anything about the platform? Every thing you just posted was factually inaccurate

Thanks for this information.

really good information i will take that advice for sure

@bitcoingrowthbot I have not heard about this project now but its looks good and i think i too invest in this projects .

oh.That is really nice piece of information and you people rock!!!Really!

Just Buy More And More Crypto ...
It will surely give you high profit for holding.

BGB is an awesome crypto platform. Very exciting!

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you shared very useful information which we needed these days!!!

i will rate this project 4.2 out of 5

Excellent information, well complete. You can not stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust itself. We have decided to put our money and our faith into a mathematical structure that is free from human or political mistakes.

Are we going to see a good future of crypto right now

There is no point of Bitcoin Ban in India, Pls go through this video U will get the right Answer---->On 1st Week of July we will solve the Crypto Issue of India – (Subhash Chandra Garg, Economic Affairs Secretary of India INDIA)

Thanks it was really helpful

i hope crypto movie see people and understand crypto power....

bitcoingrowthbot do you really think that crypto can again reach its ATH this year ?

Good post , so much awesome info there.

BGB is very good project. This is excellent post. Keep going team.

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cool post like from me 😉

Really nice post
Don't panic it is time to buy bitcoin and altcoin like ETC, nucleus, Tron, cardano, sia etc

Cool!! Thanks for that!!

awesome .......! its really awesome i really like it.

Really good thanks for the info

this next month is crucial for btc.. stay alert for a big pullback.. great post

great post, full of info

Really BGB is Good Plan, BGB Bot is best .

Yes sir ,i think we missed something at trending crypto world ,now days earning through online and by crypto its like you will be millionaire in few minutes,few hours or few days .sometimes i thought world and money are growing very fast so we have always ready to take at any time and any cost .thanks for ur advise @bitcoingrowthbot

If you're aiming to arbitrage the Bittrex $BTG price right now.. other cheaper exchanges like HitBTC, Binance, Bitfinex aren't allowing BTG withdraws due to the obvious price madrush. At least that's what i've come across so far.

So good to read, please continue helping us.

btc has a history of breaking its previous record .
hold tight
it will definetly moon now or then.

Btc in india very low price

I am new,, Can i invest here,.?Kiss You SabJi.

Yes you can. You can purchase NCL for appreciation or you can invest in the bot performance. Can also hold for staking. Several options to make money! 👍

This is nice work

excelente información saludos

I think btc once again show the value of itself and will climb the sky

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i think he is right and usefull info

There was some useful...
But my question is from another topic,right now whichone is more profitable pc mining or cloud mining?
And if its pc mining then which gpu should i use on a budegete setup?

There was some useful...
But my question is from another topic,right now whichone is more profitable pc mining or cloud mining?
And if its pc mining then which gpu should i use on a budegete setup?

There was some useful...
But my question is from another topic,right now whichone is more profitable pc mining or cloud mining?
And if its pc mining then which gpu should i use on a budegete setup?

Where to buy bitcoin

very important this publication! interesting!

Very true. Cryptos move very fast. Hope we will moon soon too.

This is very usefull please follow me

@bitcoingrowthbot the cryptocurrency boom is making a lot of people a lot of money and it’s doing it at an unprecedented speed!

yeah btc will pull back

I hope BTC will rise again.....

Amazing content.

Extremely high level information you provided. Definitely I will take advantages from this info.

I wish bitcoin will be back in the old days where it bulls to 20000 USD or high and so everybody feel happy :)

@bitcoingrowthbot Program seem good enough but lacking serious we see stacking projects failed after some time and we also see a tough competition for this platform as there are many programs running in market like this so whats new....try to bring some uniqueness...hope you will never mind it..

BGb is very unique. It is 1 of a kind. It utilizes a real trading bot in the Forex markets. BGB I compliant with all laws. Nucleus coin has been traded on a decentralized exchange since day 1. No other platform has any of this.

@bitcoingrowthbot Woww, Thank you for sharing great information but in these 2 months crypto volume low and rate also.I am very worried about this.

your post is awesome.
your post really give me positive thinking about cryptocurrency.
can you explain when market will go high ?
and bullrun will come ??

@bitcoingrowthbot Did you really think that Bitcoin can get his ATH(All Time High) this year end?

@bitcoingrowthbot Nice article but i wait till market in positive trend then invest . what do you think ?

Very helpful information!

Hi good info.........thanks

sir can cryptocurrency price go all time high in this year??

Bitcoin and all major Cryptocurrencies Crash! – Cryptocurrency Bloodbath?

@bitcoingrowthbot Taken entry in eth at 600$ now confused what to do?

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Great! very good information, hi from Venezuela

Good post & information useful.

They do move fast! No doubt. Thanks for the info.

excellent post, good information bro :)

@bitcoingrowthbot what you think about bitcoin future price is it touch to $60,000k this year?

Hope btc will go to his all time high its been 6 month havnt seen bullish market.

When will crypto market boom again. Its been a long time since major movement occurred.

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