News on Maps: But our nuclear plant is super secure, trust us!

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The operator of the Belgian nuclear power plant Doel 1 has acknowledged that the leaked water from a leak could be radioactively contaminated. There is no danger, said a spokeswoman for the operator company Engie-Electrabel on Monday (30.04.2018).

Operator: No danger

The water exits from a leak in a water pipe of the emergency cooling system in reactor 1 in Doel. According to nuclear power plant operator Engie-Electrabel is so-called Borwasser.

But since the leak is in the highly radioactive area, this cooling water could radioactively recharge at its exit, admitted the spokeswoman. Nevertheless, there is no danger. The affected water is collected and treated in an internal cycle and disposed of.

nuclear power plant Doel.jpg


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