Nuclear medicine completely cured mice from oncology

in nuclear •  last year

The team of scientists from the Memorial Oncology Center. Sloan and MIT have fully cured the experimental mice from colorectal cancer. In the experiments we used immunotherapy based on radioactive isotopes. No side effects were revealed.

The relevance of the technique is difficult to overestimate: oncology of the rectum is considered the third most common and only 50,000 men and women die each year from its effects.

Unbelievable effectiveness of the method, experts are sure, is related to the high quality of the applied reagent chemicals. They pass through a sick cell, and then destroy it, without hurting neighboring healthy ones. After the tests it was found out that the vital organs of the experimental mice, including bone marrow and kidneys, remained unaffected. All nine individuals completely disappeared traces of a malignant tumor. The experiments were performed with antigen A33, which is found in 95% of patients with primary or metastatic colon cancer.

The two types of antibodies used, one of which contained DOTA chelate compounds, are effective in theory against all hard and soft cancer tissues. How far the technique is effective in combating other varieties of cancer cells, time will tell.

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