Fantasy Art Contest: Announcement of Winners

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Hello dear artists!!!

First I want to thank everyone who participated in the Fantasy contest sponsored by @nTOPAZ, it has been a pleasure to see so many amazing works and see the commitment they have put into each of their entries, we all enjoy each of them, thanks for sharing new content for the @nTOPAZ art platform and with everyone at #Steemit.
The contest had been extended to two weeks to give artists greater freedom to create their best works and I think they have made an incredible effort, since the works are very good and it was difficult to choose only 10 winners.

The curators of nTOPAZ have given their support to the best works, in a span of two weeks a total of 84 works have been added to the ntopaz platform for the fantasy contest and generated in rewards of $148 SBD.

It is a real pleasure for me to present the winners of the contest, Congratulations to all the winners! and those who did not win, have done a great job, thanks for participating!

1st Prize (1 Artwork): 1,000 TOPAZ tokens

Immense Sweetness by @hadley4


It is cute and very creative drawing, it seems even more incredible that it is a giant of rocks that gives the flower.
With the mouse it is much more difficult to make the drawings than in a tablet, but you have achieved a great piece.

2nd Prize (2 Artworks): 800 TOPAZ tokens each

Night Elf by @adelair


He's a beautiful elf, maybe he's in a war or he's up to something.
The lights that you have placed on the character makes me want to know more about him.
Amazing work!

Legend of dragons - Real dragons exist by @yyumi


All life I have loved the dragons and this is an incredible piece that I could not leave out.
He has done a great job with the details of the dragons.

3nd Prize (3 Artworks): 600 TOPAZ tokens each

Lady Bighorn by @scrawly


It is a cute goat, with beautiful eyes.
All the body hair that she has gives a great touch to the piece, more natural!
With all the history behind this character is even better to see, great imagination.
Amazing work!

A walk through a world of wonders by @inu-jim


It is an incredible drawing, it has taken me to a magical world full of happiness.
A pretty girl with very bright colors.

Fantasy Art Contest: Little Shri Krishna. by @juliawilians


I loved this work because it is a group of artists who have come together to make the city beautiful, it is great that artists come together for a general good.
A beautiful job!

Consolation Prize (4 Artworks): 400 TOPAZ tokens each.

Something more by @mocosh


It seems incredible to me that something that was damaged, that many would have thrown away, she has turned it into a beautiful piece.
The two elements are very different but they make a great combination.
A unique piece!

Firestarter (2019) by @jmvnbreda


The first dragon, with a great result.
You have made a dragon different from the others, it has very good details that also has its skin looks like metal.

Elf warrior by @francisftlp


A beautiful elf, I love all the details you have, has put time and dedication in that it looks more realistic.
The eyes show their power!

The Maleficent Fairy by @mafufuma


It's a great lighting effect! the blue color is incredible, I like how everything looks, it's so magical.

Thank you very much to all the artists who decided to participate in the fantasy contest, I see them all in the next contests that my fellow curators will do.

Good afternoon!!!

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great 👏👀


Yes, it has been!

Awesome contributions! I love all of them :)

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Thanks a lot honey!
They are all very talented.

Wow I'm very flattered to get the first place, thank you @ntopaz and you @yanes94 for organizing such a fun contest, I'll be looking forward to participate in the next contest. I also congratulate the other winners, their artwork I loved, make the fantasy come to life

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You're welcome, honey!
It was a pleasure to see your entries!
great job!


You're welcome, honey!
It was a pleasure to see
Your tickets! great job!

                 - yanes94

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

great and wonderful presentations, a very interesting contest because creativity was very spontaneous, congratulations to all participants and winners, greetings to organizers, for the next contest I would like to participate, greetings friends.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Gracias cariño! me hubiera encantado que hubieses participado, ya que eres muy talentoso.
Todos fueron muy buenos y fue difícil escoger a los ganadores.

Congratulations to everyone, it was a fantasic contest with a lot of great artwork:) Thank you for organising it Carmen and i am looking forward for more:)