Whale (watercolor)

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ntopaz-image-0Hello friends!

Today I will show you my new watercolor painting. I was painting a whale in the ocean.

I had a thin watercolor paper - 185 gr. I regret having bought such thin paper. Never buy paper for watercolor less than 300 g/m

At first I drew a sketch of a whale


линия зеленая.png

Then I painted the blue lines on the diagonal. These lines mimic the rays of light that penetrate deep into the ocean.


линия зеленая.png

I left the top right corner bright and started painting the water.


линия зеленая.png

Then I started painting the whale. I moistened the paper and put on the dark spots that are on the back of the whale. I dried the paper and painted the details of the whale.


линия зеленая.png

I looked at my drawing and realized that the color of the water is too light. I began to darken the color of the water in the corner and near the whale.


линия зеленая.png

The last stage I saw in the online lesson. This was the most crucial stage. I began to brighten the rays of light that pass through the water. I knitted a dry synthetic brush and made stripes to it. This is difficult, because at this moment the brush washes away a part of the paint and stains the drawing.


линия зеленая.png

My picture is ready!


линия зеленая.png

You often write in my comments that you like to look at gif process, so I do it for you :)


линия зеленая.png


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When I see your paintings I always wish that I had more time to spend on art. But maybe one day when I'm older and everything around me is settled I'll be able to start :)

Beautiful whale and I love to see the lighting. Well done!

I've noticed in the comments that your Steemanniversary is coming! Congratulations and Happy Steemit Birthday! :)


Thank you @delishtreats ! I am so happy to read it that my art can inspire :))

[nTopaz Curator]

Wonderful to see the stages in your painting @veta-less. Happy Steemit Anniversary.

You can paint on a thinner watercolour paper. As long as you stretch the paper first it won't buckle ~ As much anyway. Even with a 300 gsm paper it's still good to stretch the paper before painting on it. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


Thank you! :) I glue paper with paper tape on the board. But I still felt that the paper was too thin. The paint is numb to the white line of the frame (this can be seen in one of the last photos) I like the denser paper, I feel more confident when I draw on it :)

At first sight would say it is inspired by steemit.. all we want to become a whales at certain point :)
Very interesting to read your technique and how you have achieved the final result. Well done!

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you! Yes, this is a symbolic painting for my one-year anniversary on Steemit, which will be in a few days)


I knew it!!!! :D

Oh beautiful watercolour painting @veta-less, I like whales! 🐋⭐️

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I'm glad you liked my whale )

[nTopaz Curator]

I really like how you created the blue water and how it reflects on this majestic creature. Nicely done :).


Thanks dear @scrawly :)
I'm glad I found a lesson where it was shown how to paint a whale in water to make it look realistic :)

It is a beautiful drawing, has achieved a great job with this piece, because I can appreciate the effect of water. The whale looks great in the vastness of the ocean.
Thanks for sharing with us.!!!!

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Thank you! I'm really glad you liked my art. :)


You are welcome! It is a pleasure to see what you do.
They are beautiful works of art!

Открытка с китом)))


Да, по размеру, кстати, большая открытка)

Such a cute drawing, @veta-less. Simply wonderful! 😊


Thank you @trincowsk :) I am very pleased :)

Hi veta love it and i think the whale is a SHE she has her birthday coming up soon i wish you whale-dome for your steembirthday


Thank you dear @brittandjosie for warm words :) I want your wish to come true ))


I know i am working to be one first stop is dolphin , a lovely grey blue dolphin

What a lovely whale, I hope it brings you a lot of steem😊 I like the light play a lot, it really makes the artwork alive😊

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Thank you very much for your warm wishes! :) Yes, the rays of light add a lot to this picture) Thanks for stopping by)

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Очень красивый рисунок!



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You are so talented and smart on how you did the sunlight.
It must be wonderful to be able to create watercolor paintings.