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RE: Truman, portrait painting

in #ntopaz5 years ago

wow i love that lighting, jeremy <3 so warm and beautiful, it looks like the golden glow of a late morning sun ...the brushstrokes are very expressive and i love how you captured truman's expression... Wonderful work <3

Maybe I should hire you to paint my doggo........... :thinking emoji:


Thank you kindly! Something sweet to hang above the mantel, what breed of goodboi are they?

they are not so much as a goodboi as they are dummigal type but they are mittelspitz, which is like a mini wolf type, in the colours of milk chocolate brown :D

im at work at the moment so i dont have pics on this work computer

but she kinda looks like this

Hey that's pretty cool! Best of both worlds, a small dog yet shares the characteristics of a wolf

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