The Stages of Drawing Faces Using a Pencil

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hello guys today I drew a sketch of a face, in sketching this face I just looked at the original photo and then imitated it by drawing it using a pencil. here are some steps in drawing a sketch of this face.

in drawing this face sketch I first drew gently so that if there was an error not too visible, I gently drew the eyes of my nose and mouth using a pencil.

Then form the eye part first, by shading and give enough thickness. like the picture below.

As well as all parts of the face, given color by shading with a certain thickness

Enter the hair area, in the area of the hair try to make the colors blacker than the previous shading, this is done so that the colors are more synchronous

This is a picture of a face that I made, by looking at it and then drawing it on paper, that's what I did.

in drawing, I usually only spend about 2-3 hours

And the final stage has finished and produces an image like this.

Very easy isn't it

Stay with me and follow me, and I will give my artwork here.

And I hope you are happy and happy here, so waiting for me to upload the next picture,

Thank you happy weekend. @taktoys


it is so amazing and nice. thanks

Your post has been featured on @artzone

Courtesy of @nmalove

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