[CO] Still life "Aegean Sea"

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Hello! Today I want to show you my entry for the Watercolor Art Contest.

I decided to draw a still life about the Aegean Sea in ancient times, when the ancient Greeks created masterpieces of art, literature and music.

I embodied this image in the form of a clay jug (after all, the Greeks were famous for pottery).

I also supplemented this still life with a big shell, apple, small paper boat and put all this objects on the blue-green draperies that resemble pure, transparent waves of the sea.


Hope you appreciate my watercolor still life!
Thank you for watching!


I like watercolour drawings)

I, too:) Glad, you like it;)

Hi @sweettais, that is beautiful watercolor painting, I like it even more than the pencil works that you used to do. Love that combination of blue and turquoise that really reminds me sea waves, the shell and paper boat fit very well into the subject.

The only what I wanted to mention, Tais, have you done some photos of the process, as it is a condition for the contest. If you did not do that then we can't consider your work for contest but still it could be displayed for example in CR section. so you can change it to CR too. Thank you for this lovely work :)

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