[CO] “Mehanical soul”

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Hello! Today I want to show you my second entry for the Futuristic Cyber Art Contest.
The theme of this contest is “Science Fiction”.
Technology surrounds us everywhere - from a washing machine and a smartphone to the development of micro-robots in medicine.
And the relationship of man and tenology grow stronger every year....

Perhaps in the future, we will all be part of some kind of symbiosis between man and mechanism.


I drew a lion, in which the right half of the face is part of the mechanism, and the left half with beautiful fur, which nature created.

Photos of the drawing process:


Thank you for watching!


Такой мощный, железный лев. Только иногда нуждается в подпитке током - вон сколько розеток у него : )

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Thanks for your participation :)!

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