[CO] Painted wooden round cup coaster "Electric giraffe"

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Hello! I want to show you my entry for the D.I.Y Contest.
By D.I.Y. - artistic or mundane creations did by yourselves.
It can be dress or a shirt you designed or redesigned,object you created an invention or decorative creation.
I decided to decoreted a small wooden round .

I painted giraffe with ossicones- lampes:)
(Ossicones are horn- or antler-like protuberances on the heads of giraffes and male okapis).
You can see the photos of the drawing process:

Thank you for wathcing!


Hermoso para decorar nuestras casas. Realmente la imaginación en este tipo de trabajos es infinita. Me encantan este tipo de trabajos y mucho mas los concursos que valoran el trabajo que realizamos las manualistas. Porque no solo trabajamos con las manos sino con el corazón. Suerte en el concurso. Saludos y bendiciones.

Beautiful to decorate our houses. Really the imagination in this type of work is infinite. I love this type of work and much more the contests that value the work we do the manualists. Because we not only work with our hands but with our hearts. Good luck in the contest. Greetings and blessings.

Thank you so much!

Good job!

Very beautiful decoration Tais, you made the coaster a work of art:)

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Thank you so much!

That's a cute giraffe, @sweettais :) I think painted on a wooden round canvas like that, it can definitely be made into a coaster or even a button to be placed on a door's face :)

Thank you so much!

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I first thought it's a crochet work.
Looks very nice.

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