[CR] "Universe -seasoning"

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Hello! Today I want to show you my new work for Art Explosion Week 71.

When I saw, that the theme of this week- universe, a strange thought appeared in my head:"What would be if you imagined universe as seasoning?
What would be the taste of the dish with it?"
Maybe something with tentacles?:D

This work I created with textile paints, becsuse I have long had one white T-shirt that I would like to decorated:)


I immediately got to work and after a couple of hours the drawing was finished.
Photos of the creating process:

Thank you for watching!


That looks like a magic, I like it very much. Somehow that made me think about the school time when we were taking part in such Art classes and doing our works on different surfaces such as clothes with pains usually of course white color and that was for us that time like a canvas. Wonderful idea and beautifully executed, Tais :)

Thank you so much!

wow such an awesome Tshirt design 😊

Thank you so much!

have a great day

Thank you so much!

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