[CR]ArtVenture contest- "Seascape with flying whales"

in #ntopazlast year (edited)

In the last year, when walking along the soft sandy seashore, I saw very beautiful, fluffy clouds in the sky that resembled in shape two whales .
I wanted to drawed seascape with fantasy flying whales, but I forgot for this idea.
When I seeing the post from the Art- venture Contest and reading the theme of this week- suddenly remembered for my idea:)

I used aquarelle paper, aquarelle and aquarelle pencils.
Photos of the drawing process:


Thank you for watching!


Wonderful drawing! I like the composition and the colours

Спасибо за участие в конкурсе, мне очень понравилась идеа :)

Your post was upvoted by the @art-venture account after manual review and included in Art-Venture magazine. The upvote and support of Art-venture magazine would greatly appreciated!
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@Art-venture Contest 50 Steem in the Winner Pot :-)

Небесные киты? Интересно вышло - сначала акварелью, а потом карандашами с размывкой.

I love your work @sweettais, it would be excellent for children's story cover.

Good job!!! luck in the contest. ;)

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