Sunset Light- / Landscape.

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I have always been quite selective when it comes to drawing landscapes, because I did not adjust to what meets my expectations in terms of taste, colors, and context, I was recently seeing in a book about Japanese art, and I found several old illustrations by unknown authors about Ukiyo-e, this was a genre of old Japanese engraving, which came to China and Europe through trade, it was quite accessible and was paid by middle-class people who did not have to pay expensive paintings. The Ukiyo-e is quite special, it was a source of inspiration for Van Gogh, who wanted to know the Japanese sun he saw through these paintings, which is why he moved to Arles.




This was the Sketch, I was using perspective for this project, it took about 1 hour. I had forgotten how much knowledge I had about this when drawing landscapes with some architectural element.



I wanted to use blue throughout the drawing, because I really like this color, and give it several scales to prove that it could do in contrasts, use black to shade the lower areas of the ceiling, and the bottom of the small house.



The final details such as the branches of the trees, and the mountains, I also made them with blue, in different scales. The mountains are colored with gray that then mix with black and for the mountain use a little lighter blue, the same for the clouds.



Completed work


"Even the longest journey begins with a single step".
-Japanese proverb-


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Hola Stefania, es un gusto ver otro de tus dibujos en nTopaz. Me encanta la proyección de tu dibujo.Genial que cargues varias imágenes en tu entrada. Recuerda que la proporción (4:3, 3:4, 16:9 o 9:16) que elijas se aplicará para todas las imágenes, pero puedes seleccionar el área que se verá en cada una de ellas. Si deseas editar este post, puedes hacerlo desde nTopaz en el "botón con el lápiz" en la parte superior derecha de tu post, te recomiendo deslizar las imágeneres derecha/izquierda para verificar como se verán.

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Oh, tiene algo de malo la forma en que lo edite, me gusta publicarlo desde ntopaz pero editarlo desde steemit, aun no estoy muy familiarizada con el editor de ntopaz, por eso puede parecer algo principiante jajaja. gracias de todos modos.:)


No hay problema que edites tu post desde steemit, esas ediciones se verán reflejadas en el texto en nTopaz. Pero para editar el área de la imagen que se muestra en el carrusel de fotografías si debes hacerlo desde nTopaz. 😊


Gracias!, no lo sabia, soy muy inexperta en todo esto <3 , pero muchas gracias. la proxima vez tratare de mejorarlo!

Hermoso trabajo @stefaniaveliz!!! 💎

Una pena que nTopaz no muestre la imagen completa, como @smeralda recomienda, editando el post puedes cambiar la imagen de presentacion, otra forma es tambien subir una version pequeña de menor resolucion solo para la imagen de presentacion y luego agregas en el contenido del post la imagen de tamaño completo.

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:) <3 gracias n.n

Beautiful piece of work. You found something what suits you very well. I love that you kept the entire color scheme in blue. Blue used to be my favorite color. Now I'm more versatile with colors but there is still something sentimental about blue that I like.

That Japanese house looks perfect and I like the mountains in the back. The branches look so good in blue! And I am happy that you were thinking about details such as sun reflections in the sea..

Thank you for sharing this work with us! Have a good day!

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Really lovely illustration of a sunset over the sea, @stefaniaveliz ! I love the ambiance that you captured here :)

The detailing on the building is very nicely done as well <3