Remnants of The Fall

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벌써 눈도 몇 번 내리고 본격적인 겨울이 시작되었지만
지난 늦가을을 기억하며 nTOPAZ에 사진 몇 장 올려봅니다~ ^^
산책중 한옥 담 기와 위에 떨어져 있는 낙엽이 나름 분위기 있어서 찍어 봤습니다
연습작품인거 감안해 주시고요~ ^^

I just wanted to share some photos I took (as practice ;p)a couple of weeks ago during the lazy walk with a friend.
We wanted to enjoy the late autumn scenery whatever there's still left on the way to winter.
Actually we have some snowy days already even though there wasn't much snow left unmelted nor stacked up.
They were taken at an old Korean style house (Han-ok) which is now being used as a tea shop.
I thought the leaves fallen on the old style wall tiles were kind of pretty in the late afternoon sun
There are 6 images and I hope you enjoy them, Thank you~!


Beautiful photograph..

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Thank you so much @tussar11 for your warm commet :)
Have a great day!

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Wow~ I am grateful for your support :D
Have a great day!!

색감이 너무 예쁘네요 ~

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감사합니다~ ^^

붉게 물든 단풍과 처마가 정말 예쁘네요~

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감사합니다~ 좋은 날 되십시오~ ^^

역광으로 바라본 단풍 기막히게 예뻐서 벌써 그리워지는 가을입니다

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눈 내리면 겨울 풍경 찍으러 다시 가고 싶습니다 ^^

이벤트 참여 감사합니다.

사진이 딱 가을 입니다.

이벤트 감사드립니다~
오늘도 좋은 하루 되세요 ^^

붉게 물든 단풍과 기와가 정말 예쁘네요~

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