The Wind - El viento

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Watercolor on 35x25 cm paper. April 21, 2019

Acuarela en papel de 35x25 cm. 21/04/2019

All problems are gone with the wind
So many times I said your name
So many until I was breathless.
I feel you much more than before
I see you even if it's only in the air.
We all dream to be happy
I wish to not forget you

Always to my dismay
Of moons and suns
Be night or day
The road behind you
There the wind goes

Todos los problemas se van con el viento
Tantas veces le dije tu nombre
Tantas hasta quedar sin aliento.
Te siento mucho más que antes
Te veo aunque sólo sea en el aire.
Todos soñamos ser felices
Yo deseo no olvidarte
Siempre a mi pesar
De lunas y soles
Seas noche o día
El camino atrás tuyo
Allí el viento va

Process of the illustration - Proceso de la ilustración

When writing this poetry I began to think how to illustrate the words and I liked the idea of representing it with a woman by the sea with the wind blowing her hair. I chose colder colors that highlighted the woman's clothes and the warmer skin tone.

Al escribir esta poesía me puse a pensar cómo ilustrar las palabras y me gustó la idea de representarlo con una mujer a la orilla del mar con el viento volando su cabello.
Elegí colores más fríos que destacasen la ropa y el tono de piel más cálido de la mujer.

I added red tones for both the sky and the hair to represent a certain intensity. I finished with details on the clothes and the waves.

Agregué tonos rojos tanto para el cielo como para el cabello para representar cierta intensidad. Terminé con detalles en la ropa y en las olas.


I hope you liked it!

¡Espero que les haya gustado!

©Juan Cruz Siucatti All rights reserved.


Such a well presented post. I really admire the the way you express your art, through visual but also poetry and the words match the image in a perfect way. Watercolour is not an art medium that i know but i like what i see and your presentation shows that you have respect for your art and true passion. I would suggest you to use tags like @ocd-resteem, @curie @art-venture so that your artwork gets more attention:)

Thank you, George. I enjoy making the post as much as painting and writing for it.
And thanks for the suggestion! I really appreciate it.

Wind takes you far away ^^ Over the sea threre will be a paradise. Slow wind blows her. So thoughtful image. What does she think about? Maybe unforgettable someone. So beautiful it is ~

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Thank you, @trueimagine. The seashore is always a nice place to think and remember, I always remember the times I went to the beach and how calm it makes me feel.

I'm glad you liked it!

Hi @suicatti, beautiful watercolor work, you managed to gain the transparency of watercolor to create an impression of wind, the hair and the folds of the dress. Also I like the way you painted arm and vein pattern. Lively portrait :)

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Thank you, Stef! I try with every painting to focus on learning new things to improve my paintings and lately I've been working on skin tones. I'm glad you liked it!

Beautiful, fresh, colorful, with movement, realistic, it has everything to be one of my favorite works of the day! Beautiful work, my friend, so nice to look at :)

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Thank you, Elison! I tried to illustrate the writing adding those details. I'm glad you liked it!

Beautiful watercolor. She looks wild and free. The ocean is her destination. She go there anytime she feels like she needs to free her mind..

Lovely colors, great detail. I like the color of the sea and the sky. It's such a nice contrast..

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you, @delishtreats! I decided to experiment a little with colors and I'm glad you liked it.

🎉 Congratulations @siucatti! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Muchas gracias! Me alegro que te haya gustado.

Un abrazo!

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Thank you, guys! I really appreciate it.

I like this poem and Your watercolor painting is a very good illustration. This creates a complete image.

Thank you, Madlen. I'm glad you liked it, I always try to paint something based on my writing or the other way around, that's the way I get the most fun while doing it.

I think this is a good approach :). I wish You success, @siucatti !

So beautiful! It's really a nice watercolor, well done! ^_^

Thank you, Silvia! I'm glad you liked it, coming from you it means a lot!

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Very interesting your publication serves as motivation to people. to explore virtues that possess and emerge.

Definitely, one of the goals of sharing my art is the possibility of inspiring others.

Thanks for your comment!

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