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This is a pencil drawing I made in 2016. The size is A4 paper.

I was inspired by greedy people who are already rich but take more and more. They never have enough...



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Love your art style @sanderjansenart Very impressive and creaive !

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Thank you very much! :)

I remember reading an article ages ago, think it was an interview with a billionaire, and apparently rich people (or at least that rich person) still feel as financially insecure as the rest of us and when the interviewer asked what would make them feel more secure the answer was "more money". I don't know with some people XD


Weird isn't it? I know some people like that drowning in money but still trying to be cheap in everything. Money can take away sorrow but it will not make you happy.

Very cool and amusing drawing! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you!

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Good theme, and your style works well with it. It's like Bosch and Calvin and Hobbes had a baby and it's your art. I mean that is a major compliment too, in case you don't like either of those references :)


Thank you very much! Well it's really a compliment and not another it's like "Escher" reference I get so often. Well I love Escher but my work is far from mathematic. I love the work of Bosch it's a big compliment :D