Going down

in ntopaz •  4 months ago 

ntopaz-image-0Made this tiny tumbnail sketch while being a couch potato. Not sure if I do something with it as I already have so much cool art ideas going on.

I just started to draw to see what comes out....

It's about emptyness, suffering and misfortune....

Happy happy joy joy :D

Have a great weekend!

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i really like your work could you check out my blog and follow me if you like it - maybe suggest some ideas.snowfall.gif


Well spamming people with copy paste comments isn't a good start ;)


i just sent the same message to my favourite artists on steem so far. im busy hehe



I think this would look great if you develop it, Sander ! I like the composition very much :) The slumping figure at the foreground and that giant confounded face in the sky really gives an interesting juxtaposition against each other... But I understand if you're already working on so many others, maybe this one will have to stay at the back burner for a while....