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Hey, guys. Welcome, everyone. If you saw the title of this publication and thought it was a chicken wing, you're wrong. And if you thought about it is because you are hungry friend, I share with you an illustration I made about the character Alita, most of you will have seen it. At first it was just an anime from several years ago. But as technology evolved and they did the live actions of the characters whether it was Disney or other character types, they made this movie of an anime character that eventually became successful. A live action that no one asked to imagine. Hopefully they are preparing 2 and enjoy a magnificent battle that will pit Alita against the people on the surface of the floating city.

Image of Alita: Link





Super nice illustration. Such a strong and yet alive character.
Thank you for showing us your process and they way you work. This is great to also appreciate the work that went into a piece of art.

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Hahaha wow! Thank thank haha. <3

¡Me encanta! Justo vi esa película anoche. Te quedó muy bien el trabajo Rich <3.

Haha muchas gracias Elieser. Me alegro que te gustara la pelicula.