Dont loose the Spark that makes you You

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ntopaz-image-0# Dont loose the Spark that makes you You

There is always a thing called a spark in you, which reboots you and keeps you going. It is an art to find your spark and when you find, keep going.
You may not be able to reboot the past and recreate, but the best thing to accept things and find a better way to keep moving

Playing with sparks and capturing some light paintings.
The daily workers making a gate, was joining two of the pieces he carved as a design. The hot molten welding sparks were creating enormous heat to met the iron and create a joint.

Some of the photograph I was happy to capture and add colors and shadow into them

This one is black and white version


And the other version of same photograph with more temperature and traces of sparks


Camera Used
Nikon D5300

My neighbors gate 😆

Have a great day all

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