Every Man has his Secret sorrows which the world know Not

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ntopaz-image-0# Every Man has his Secret sorrows which the world knows Not; And often time we call a Man Cold when he is only Sad.

The photograph was captured in most happening place on weekends. Thousands of crowd move up and down. It's the Cave temples of Badami.

How would a man sit sad when everybody is clicking and looking around for better clicks. This man, who is colored on face has no sign of happiness. Was he just Sad or was he just tired.
Color on his face symbolizing happiness of Holi.


Camera Used
Nikon D5300 and 70-300 to capture from a distance.

The same photograph in black and white

Let me come to a conclusion of he being tired.
Let all his sadness be washed away and wish him a happy and colorful life.

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