Coloured pencil drawing of my dog Nala.

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Hi everyone !

I'm coming back today with a new creation.

Remember, I introduced you to Nala in a previous publication:

And now here's her portrait in drawing.

Of course, she is an inspiration to me and it is quite naturally that I take her as a model for my art. Besides, it's not the only drawing I did of her, I could show you the next one later ;)

This drawing was made with Faber Castell coloured pencils. It takes me like 15 hours of work. I have tried to represent the coat as accurately as possible, bristle by bristle! :)


As a bonus, I show you a picture of Nala discovering her portrait ;)


Hope you will like this!

See you soon for others creations on Steemit and Ntopaz!

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You are very talented and skillful:) Your work with the coat is really impressive, i can see every little detail. Nala is looking so cute also:)Welcome to nTopaz , i am looking forward to see more of your artworks:)

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Thanks a lot!! :)

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Wow. You have wonderful talent.

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Thanks! :)

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Omg!!! This is ridiculously stunning and life like! What a talent. And how wonderful that you will always have this keepsake of your gorgeous pup.

This is fantastic.

Thanks. Yes, it's a precious memory. :)

Wow, I'm really surprised how you managed to make this, so beautiful and real :3

Thank you! :3

15 hours that were worth it, their work is so incredible, it looks beautifully realistic. ;)

Thanks. :)

Hi pipoune,

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Keep up the great work!


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ehy dear @pipoune, so beautiful work! it is so true that it looks like a photograph! 15 hours have been well spent with your beautiful model! I don't know, but I think you have a great talent. do you do it for work or for passion? have you studied art or are you self-taught?
by the way congratulation !! :-))

Hi! Thank you.
I do it for passion. I am mostly self-taught, but i actually study illustration and animation at school. :)

mi piace molto il tuo lavoro, keep on :-)) spero che possa diventare in futuro il tuo lavoro, perchè penso che fare diventare la nostra passione il nostro lavoro ci renda più felici .-))

Thanks! I fully agree with you! :)

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Wow, it's amazing I can't believe it's your work. Absolutely astonishing.

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Thanks!! :)

Awesome indeed 💕

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Thanks :)

@pipoune eres increíble, es increíble el proceso, el resultado final.. todoo.

Thank you so much. :)

An absolutely wonderful art, Drawing and painting stuffs are inborn talents or may be God given talents to special people. However others try they can not make such stuff with extremely minute details in the perfect place and perfect shape. No one might be able to distinguish the eyes between the photo and your creativity if you did not mention it. And I must say the eyes are life of this picture.

15 hours is not too much or rather you are ease at drawing, Did you learned it professionally, if not you should think about going some atleast evening courses to learn the tricks to become an expert.

The perfect ending of the blog was the last photo of the original and art work. Just amazing. Keep it up.

Thank you... Have a nice day

Thank you so much. :)
I most have learned drawing by myself. I study illustration and animation at school, but we doesn't make this kind of drawing : this is more practice about imagination drawing. I think that the realistic drawing from photo doesn't need courses, in my case i don't have particulary method, I just clarified my eye over time, drawing more and more accurately. The only think we can learn to improve faster are the rules of proportion and that kind of thing.
Thank you for your message, have a nice day too! :)

This is simply beautiful. The colors, the value, shading.. all spot on .
I admire such attention to details :)

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Thanks! :)

This is so beautiful and adorable! You are very talented. I love the artwork and the last picture as well. Congratulations on the Curie upvote :)

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Thank you! :)