Chris Evans (Cap'n America) - Actor of the Day

in ntopaz •  3 months ago  (edited)

Did you see Endgame, yet?

The longest movie ever! But watching it went so fast!

Somebody would ask:
"why this dude is drawing on previously printed paper?"
Short answer is:
"I'm all about recycling"

Early stages:


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So different mood it is :)) He is a super hero. Well you made him as usual man as we can see easily :)) But that is your talent. So friendly painting ~ Show us more ~

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Oh no, Dancing with the wolves was longer (and boring). Capitan America looks like a priest ;-).
Nice portrait.

Technically he acts like a priest. The only difference is the star on his shield instead of cross.
Also he likes to give punches in the face instead of "Holy Mary's"


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