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This is the rare Gymnogene and due to the rainy weather, the predators are hungry.
He is one of a very few birds that can climb trees and when he sees a nest, he will climb up to it to eat the babies.
A big and beautiful bird, but with very nasty habits and all birds fear him.
I went outside to feed the Guinea Fowls when he suddenly appeared on the roof.
A beautiful bird indeed.

Right, here we go with the full edit!


The Gymnogene was later renamed as the Harrier Hawk. The biggest of the hawk family!


A real handsome creature methinks!


A view across the valley and as you can see it was very cloudy, but the sun broke through now and then!


See what I mean about the clouds, they dwarf the huge mountains!


Here's a sun breakthrough and a Jackal Buzzard flying across its face!


This is a huge flock of Red Wing Starlings in the tree!


See the starlings taking off out of the tree here!


And of course the weather makes for some splendid sunset shots!

My back and my legs are a bit lame today, as between the photo shoots we were carrying boxes to our little car.
Yes, we are finally moving into our own cottage and we have done four trips back and forth thus far, with the car loaded to the rafters Lol.
A lot of work awaits at our new place and in between the moving part, we also had to go and buy some parts for the shower at the new place. Really a very busy day, but it was all so worth it.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity.

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So scary! Where I used to live there's lots of hawks. I'm pretty sure they even killed one of our small chickens! Quite powerful birds. Now all I have are crows and they are way scarier. Never mess with a crow.

Hahaha, a guy had a Sunday barbecue and after the chicken was roasted, he put it aside on the grill to cool off. The guy must have gotten a phone call or something that made him turn and walk inside his house.

A crow swooped down and flew off with his chicken hahaha.
I have photos somewhere of the crow sitting on a highway lamp post enjoying the guy's roast chicken.
Imagine how that guy searched for his chicken hahaha.

Handsome bird.

I agree. Thank you!

According to you, many times the most beautiful and surprising animals have really unpleasant habits that obscure their beauty!

Hahahah, the same as some humans don't you think?
It's good to always show the two sides to the story my friend.

Great shots of the hawk and other birds, you will be glad when the movies over even what initially seems a simple move ends up more work and tiring than on ever expects, good luck getting everything done and settled

Thank you JJ. thankfully we don't have much stuff and the moving part will soon be over. But there's always the unexpected and we will just take it day by day until it's done.

Taking it day by day is the way to go, I am both looking forward to and dreading our next move probably early next year, but its only two and a half hours away from where we are now so should not be to bad

He certainly looks like a lean and mean package! No wonder the other birds fear him...

Thank you and during the true nesting season the bigger birds like starlings, crows and others normally attack him in the air when he gets close to their nests.
But he is a real terror indeed for all of the smaller birds.

Beautiful view! And the birds with a rather unusual color are smoky))

Thank you my friend and oh yes, they are smoky indeed.
Glad you girls are better.

From beady eye of the hawks, swooping starlings, weather changes much like life, good luck with new beginnings in your next home Stephen.

Thank you Lady Joan, we moved the first part today in the rain and all.
Tonight we will sleep in our own place.
Just nipped in here to keep my blog going!

Sweet dreams in your new place.

Good news the church across the road have withdrawn consent to building of cell tower, it will no longer be going up. Still have a long road to help notify people before it is too late.

Thank you Lady Joan and I am glad that you guys won the battle with the tower.

The raven, of course, reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe. And me, being who I am, used to paraphrase Poe for the modern day:

"Ask not for whom the dog barks. The dog barks for thee (to let her inside)".

Wow! A poetic comment, not everyday that I get these my friend.
We do indeed live under poetic skies over here.
Blessings and thank you!

That is a beautiful bird... and scenery.

Thanks for sharing your trip in the mountains :)

Glad that you liked the post my friend.

Everytime I read your post dear Papillon, I always learn something new. Nice to know about the exact kind of bird, “Grim Reaper”.

four trips back and forth in a day?
Hope you finally have a relaxing day after!

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@torico thank you for the invitation and I have used the #creativecoin tag on today's post. I will also continue using it!

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Very interesting sir papilloncharity! The birds, the move, life is not boring is it? I bet that hawk would like to find some keets wouldn't it?

Thank you Sir @Janton, cats, birds, and what else?
They are all keeping an eye on the garden.
What I can't understand is why don't the guinea's wise up and go to find a place where their nests would be safer?
It's almost like they want the predators to decimate their keets so that they only have to care for one.
I read somewhere that they are bad mothers.

Howdy today sir papilloncharity! Those guineas are incredibly dumb aren't they? I don't want to be mean but boy are they not smart. Where do they put their nests? ours didn't last long enough to have nests.

Howdy Sir @janton, when they are not nesting, they sleep high up in the old oak tree. But they nest "hidden" in the garden beds between the dense leafy plants.
Of course the predator birds can spot them from the sky and at night the cats and other landlocked predators can smell them.
There are few farmers here that breed large stocks of guinea fowls and they nest them in large aviaries.

Ok, that makes sense sir papilloncharity! The breeders have to have them totally inclosed.

It is really amazing painting of the Harrier Hawk; the giant of Hawk. Keep your creative work.

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Thank you and I am glad that you liked the post my friend.
Blessings to you!

Thank you and I am
Glad that you liked the post my
Friend. Blessings to you!

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Great to see you are using this platform. I always love your work. I never knew about this bird. The picture of sun sets just catches my eyes. What a stunning colour of the sky!
Great photos!

Great to also see you here my friend.
And just as glad that you like my work.


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