Daily Top 10 artworks on nTOPAZ(Oct 11 2019)

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It’s nTOPAZ, TNS(Talented Network Service) platform for global talented people.
Yesterday, there were 39 artworks on nTOPAZ, and $51.54 SBD nTOPAZ’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 artworks on Oct 11 2019

Take a look at the top 10 artworks yesterday and hope you get some artistic inspiration.

1. Neomorph and beluga whales

@elenasteem • 7 votes and 9 comments
Respect Score: 50.50pt(Pending payout: $10.81 SBD)

2. fan art jessica rabbit in process

@rowell • 5 votes and 3 comments
Respect Score: 37.15pt(Pending payout: $1.54 SBD)

3. Beautiful morning scenery

@thomaskim • 7 votes and 4 comments
Respect Score: 37.29pt(Pending payout: $1.58 SBD)

4. One of my best presents...

@lightcaptured • 4 votes and 11 comments
Respect Score: 37.67pt(Pending payout: $2.37 SBD)

5. Pumpkin with Coconut Milk and Brown Sugar Sauce

@definisiluka • 5 votes and 5 comments
Respect Score: 39.64pt(Pending payout: $5.99 SBD)

6. In my darkness (new digital illustration)

@ferjart • 5 votes and 7 comments
Respect Score: 37.07pt(Pending payout: $6.32 SBD)

7. "Digital Ghosts" A bit more progress on that piece

@svdsdragunov • 5 votes and 8 comments
Respect Score: 37.09pt(Pending payout: $8.67 SBD)

8. How I was able to set my thoughts and myself free.

@sirapa • 6 votes and 4 comments
Respect Score: 34.52pt(Pending payout: $1.49 SBD)

9. A trippy painting for you

@theartofori • 5 votes and 6 comments
Respect Score: 32.75pt(Pending payout: $1.59 SBD)

10. Gorgona

@axeman • 7 votes and 11 comments
Respect Score: 42.33pt(Pending payout: $3.29 SBD)

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@tipu curate

Great all of artworks.

Thanks Ntopaz