Daily Top 10 artworks on nTOPAZ(Aug 06 2019)

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It’s nTOPAZ, TNS(Talented Network Service) platform for global talented people.
Yesterday, there were 49 artworks on nTOPAZ, and $70.74 SBD nTOPAZ’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 artworks on Aug 06 2019

Take a look at the top 10 artworks yesterday and hope you get some artistic inspiration.

1. The Princess of Rundale Palace

@axeman • 9 votes and 21 comments
Respect Score: 81.10pt(Pending payout: $2.84 SBD)

2. Midas and Axire! ♥

@kothy • 9 votes and 12 comments
Respect Score: 79.43pt(Pending payout: $4.04 SBD)

3. A Quantum Goddess for a very special person.

@medussart • 10 votes and 13 comments
Respect Score: 73.51pt(Pending payout: $2.51 SBD)

4. A painting of a Dragon (& Discussion of Impasto)

@theartofori • 7 votes and 13 comments
Respect Score: 60.65pt(Pending payout: $2.12 SBD)

5. Entry for Artstorm Contest #88- Miss Nepal

@sirapa • 6 votes and 14 comments
Respect Score: 53.88pt(Pending payout: $1.72 SBD)


@mariya-lorenz • 8 votes and 5 comments
Respect Score: 52.00pt(Pending payout: $2.34 SBD)

7. Color 색채

@jinbtonic • 7 votes and 8 comments
Respect Score: 51.04pt(Pending payout: $1.62 SBD)


@ciscorodriguez50 • 6 votes and 8 comments
Respect Score: 50.76pt(Pending payout: $1.80 SBD)

9. Help me

@marieeedraws • 7 votes and 12 comments
Respect Score: 51.77pt(Pending payout: $1.88 SBD)

10. Rustic Autumn Scene

@yadamaniart • 5 votes and 5 comments
Respect Score: 48.30pt(Pending payout: $2.72 SBD)

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ehy dear @ntopaz, a beautiful selection of works of art! it's really nice to be able to admire different styles and different ways of doing! this makes us understand once more how each of us is a unique being and expresses himself in a unique and original way. I am very sorry that those who make art often do not risk surviving, because only the judgment of some can make a product worthy of being called a "work of art". by the way, I like them all, especially the one with flowers and daisies (because I love flowers), with those petals floating in the air, as if to tell us that everything flows and then carpe diem !!
all very good