Daily Top 10 artworks on nTOPAZ(Mar 07 2019)

in ntopaz •  14 days ago

It’s nTOPAZ, TNS(Talented Network Service) platform for global talented people.
Yesterday, there were 37 artworks on nTOPAZ, and $92.84 SBD nTOPAZ’s rewards were generated.

Top 10 artworks on Mar 07 2019

Take a look at the top 10 artworks yesterday and hope you get some artistic inspiration.

1. The woman in yellow with leaves

@silviabeneforti • 7 votes and 15 comments
Respect Score: 93.13pt(Pending payout: $8.02 SBD)

2. [CR] Fanart for Liv Vu

@inu-jim • 8 votes and 7 comments
Respect Score: 92.30pt(Pending payout: $5.07 SBD)

3. Portrait of Bast, handcut collage 70/50cm.

@georgeboya • 7 votes and 7 comments
Respect Score: 83.69pt(Pending payout: $5.62 SBD)

4. More of my WIP Singularity Painting

@donnadavisart • 6 votes and 6 comments
Respect Score: 80.95pt(Pending payout: $5.32 SBD)

5. Today's picture status[Wednesday]-수요일기준 손그림 현황 3/6

@jiwoon • 6 votes and 12 comments
Respect Score: 78.29pt(Pending payout: $5.78 SBD)


@li-art • 5 votes and 5 comments
Respect Score: 73.78pt(Pending payout: $5.81 SBD)

7. 🎼Rincon Morales - Orinoco (Cover Violin)

@kkarenmp • 5 votes and 5 comments
Respect Score: 70.80pt(Pending payout: $8.15 SBD)

8. Ice Queen ♥

@kothy • 4 votes and 8 comments
Respect Score: 70.76pt(Pending payout: $4.73 SBD)

9. [CR] Groot. Original render-artwork.

@mrgreen • 5 votes and 4 comments
Respect Score: 68.00pt(Pending payout: $4.62 SBD)

10. Beautiful Photographs of Pangong Lake.

@tussar11 • 3 votes and 11 comments
Respect Score: 65.67pt(Pending payout: $4.77 SBD)

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Thank you again for including my piece @ntopaz amongst so many other great steemit artists. We really do have an amazing art community here.

Thanks so much for including my painting in this list full of beautiful pieces! ^_^

Thank you Very much @ntopaz