[CR] My birthday:)

in ntopaz •  13 days ago

Today is my birthday.
I want to show you unusual bouquets that my children gave me.
First bouquet created from mandrins, kiwies and pineapple, on top of which is placed a glass ball. Inside it is a packages with bright beads(because I really love to create jewelry from it:)

Also, my children complemented this bouquet with bright packaging with many types of tea.

The second bouquet - with tangerines, kiwi, churchkhela and hand cream.

Also my kids baked me a small cake:)

Thank you for watching!

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Happy Birthday dear

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Thank you so much!

Happy birthday! :)


Thank you!

Amazing and very beautiful too. The cake just above looks amazingly tasty, please save me some lol - great post great photos. :0)


Thank you so much! 😊

Hi! happy birthday dear, your look awesome! I am new like you, I welcome you to this beautiful community, I am glad that you have encouraged to write. Follow me if you wish and so learn together about this steemit community. I hope you enjoy every moment in this community. success


Thank you!

You are a sweet beautiful, smart woman. I love natural remedies. I aat from my garden.


Thank you!