[CR] Portrait of Sara 😸

in ntopaz •  15 days ago

ntopaz-image-0This is a sketch portrait I did of my friend Sara 😸 while she was drawing me back hehe

Technical Info:
Traditional Media
Draw in a tiny squared sketch book I did myself, for the drawing I started with a mechanical pencil, then inkpens, markers and bit of colour crayon
Creation time, around 20 min

Full Resolution 1500x1978px at 72dpi

Full Res Image

Click to see in full size

Copyright @melooo182 - All Rights Reserved

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Very nice your portrait @melooo182, your friend seems very nice.


Thank you @yanes94 😁😁😁 ✏️

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A nice portrait ! She looks like she's a very interesting and kind person :) Love the glasses !


Ah yes she really awesome :3 been trying to bring her over steem/ntopaz but she's still shy about her drawings 😅

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I like how you kept the incorporation of color very simple. This, in my opinion, makes this piece all that more dramatic! Love It!