Day 28 - Speed Ride

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For day 28, the theme is "ride".
All I did here was just play with my pen and I got this though byke. The flow of my strokes can be seen in this work.

I first made repeated circles and get this figure below. Then added the spring.


Before completing other parts.


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i like your theme for day 28 "Speed Ride" . i like your pen art . it is wonderful. with single color pen you drawn beautiful bike. good work my friend.

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Thanks a lot. I was just trying to express myself with my favourite medium.

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Good job honey, I like how it looks that despite not being well detailed is perfectly understood. ;)

Yeah, my intention was not to detail it but to depict what it is in a skillful way. Thank you.

And you did it!!! sweetie. ;)

Yas dear!

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