ArtVenture Contest: CryptoArt - The lnfluence

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This is my entry for @art-venture contest with the theme "CryptoArt" organized by @stef1 and I entitled it "The Influence".

This art represents what has been happening in the real world of Crypto. There are two hands here trying to grab/embrace Crypto - one represents the Government and the other represents private organisations and individuals. Their main focus are on the Cryptocurrency leaving other currencies on the ground.


The government seems to be farther away from the crypto and don't want to embrace it fully. They use their policies and power at the detriment of Crypto and warn against the consequences of Crypto. Though few of them in the government love the crypto invention, they don't have the authority to make full decision on it.

On the other side, the hand which represents the private organization and individuals is close to the crypto but unable to fully grab/embrace it because of the policies and powers of the government.

The hand is ready and fully available to accept it but those challenges and limitations have kept it a little farther away from the crypto.

Until those challenges are eliminated, crypto will not be fully accepted and embraced. Only time will tell.

  • Below are my progress shots

I first initiated my concept in my mind. Then I took shots of my hands trying to grab something.

Then I sketched out my initiation in my cardboard paper.

Thereafter, I used blue, black and red pen to work on the sitting crypto coin and the ground/base.

Then I worked on the hands and the other real coins used by different countries.
Finally, I created a background with light blue pen.

Thank you.


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That's looking so perfect amazing work

Thank you for taking part int eh contest, nice drawings of hands and of course like that "B" :)

Thank you friends, it is a great pleasure to be with you, greetings to these great artists, we are in the @ art-venture magazine, our mutual support gives us more vision in the community, we look forward to mutual cooperation, a good job my friend.

Thank you too friend. I look forward to creating a collaboration work with you.

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