Day 29 - Weak And Injured

in ntopaz •  14 days ago  (edited)


A small search from google here
made me found a suitable match for today's theme "Injured" and I found it interesting to draw.

The little injured bird lays on a palm looking so weak and pathetic.

I first made outline sketches.

Thereafter, I added forms.

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In a small hand, in a small bird. There is a peace in this ~ Gorgeous ~ A dim mood drives us emotional ~

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You are absolutely right. Thank you for dropping by once again.

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Very well executed.

Thanks you so much.

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This is beautiful. Great job.

Thank you.

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Ahhhhhh that’s a great featheredfriday blog just different 😉

Lol. I can't comprehend that.

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it is a blog of @ melinda010100 every Friday about birds this would be an alternative to all photo blogs just look in the tag #featheredfriday

I want to tag @feuerelfe to have her seeing this awesome drawing.

That would be nice of you. I hope she sees it. She must be a lover of art.

Least I forget, thank you for appreciating my piece.

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Wow, wanderful...

Beautiful job