#35 - Slavery

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Howdy folks and greetings to ye all.

For today's drawing, I made use of my favourite medium to drawing the feet of a man on chains.


The chain represents bondage and the key to his freedom (padlock) has been taken away. The man is being held captive and used as a forced labourer.


The devastating impact that slavery has had on a slave cannot be measured and it ranges from the break-up of family and kingship circle, the denial of ones freedom, starvation and to forced impoverishment.

Here are my progress shots




Thank you.


Well done! those feet look really cool. The theme of "slavery" is a strong theme... we have lived in a time that "abhors slavery", we can be grateful for that...

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Absolutely. We have to be grateful. Those things hardly happen anymore.

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Excellent work. I know how hard is to draw hands and feet well. In art school, I once spent weeks drawing just hands and feet. I'm still never satisfied with the results even 30 years later!

Yeah you are there. The one I find most difficult is the hand. Perhaps in my subsequent drawing, I would practice it it. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate.

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Yeah, my feet always turned out better than hands. I wouldn't say my drawings of hands were ever great, but it's easier when they're full size or close to it. For me though, the smaller the hand in the drawing, the more likely it ends up looking more lobster claw than human hand. 🙄

Oh I thought it should be, the smaller it is, the more easier it becomes. Well maybe you should give it a try one more time and make it moderate.

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Not with hands. I find that the smaller they are, the more the lean toward looking like lobster claws.

Great feet, they look flawless!

Thank you friend.

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