Father Hood - The Father's Love (Pen Drawing)

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Last time I made a drawing of MotherHood and that of African Woman carrying a baby. This time, I want to show some respect to the Fathers.


We usually neglect the impacts of the fathers to the children and focused much more on the mothers as the chief co-ordinators of the children towards upbringing and rearing/nurturing.

This piece is a more detailed work that depicts a hand of a father and his child. It shows love and care by father to his child.

Most of love the father showers to his child/children might not be seen or noticed but they actually have level - they are usually felt on the long run.

  • Below are my progress shots

First shot: Made my outline sketching

Second shot: Adding tones, textures and values

Final shot: Completed


Great drawing I will be a father for the first time in January :)

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Wow! That's amazing. I hope you will perform to your utmost when the time comes.

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I will and I have to do it double as we get twins 😀

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Congratulations in advance

Fathers are important

Sure bro. You got that.

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Thanks a lot.

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Hello, I also saw your work in @ art-venture ... excellent finish that you achieved, I confess that drawing hands is something that costs me a lot!

Slow and stady wins the race. Patients, Perseverance and extra practice could help. You could try exploring different styles of hands

Thank you for dropping by.

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I like the idea of drawing! Thanks for sharing it!

Thanks friend.

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I like so much this piece for that it represent!. Great work!

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