Digital landscape-mountain and green

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ntopaz-image-0This is one of the digital landscape that i painted with paint tool sai on my laptop. as i said before that its a low end laptop so the screen of it is not really that hight of quality.
so when i was painting i was seeing the colors as less colorful so i kept pushing towards brighter color which i shouldn't have. because later on taking it on my phone or any other device i realised it has become too bright.

i was browsing facebook and i saw someone uploading a picture of their travel places and this was one of those place. of course i couldn't recreate it perfectly but its close.
this was one of my first experience with landscape digitally.

Here are some process shots

Screenshot (51).png

Screenshot (52).png

Screenshot (53).png

Screenshot (54).png

Screenshot (55).png

Screenshot (56).png


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Excelente dibujo, ya que considero difícil pintar en pape, l me imagino que es mucho mas difícil pintar en digital con tantos colores. Muy interesante te quedo bien, espero continúes así. Tu trabajo me ha gustado mucho y deberías sentirte orgulloso Adoré la parte verde, te felicito

What a beautiful landscape. Right now I feel with a great confusion this landscape I relax. I would like to be in a place so far away from so much pressure breathe fresh air.

digitally peaceful green ~ Not a natural color, but it has its own mood ~ It seems a wonderland of Alice ~ The mood drive me crazy ~

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Your creation have a deep effect. All about nature. Perfect, peaceful and tranquil.