Watercolor bird on cotton backpack

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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1ntopaz-image-2ntopaz-image-3ntopaz-image-4Hello, I'd like to present you my watercolor painting. This time I painted a colorful bird on a cotton backpack. I sewed this backpack myself from recycled materials. A part of the material for backpack I found in my grandmother's wardrobe and pockets made of material bought in a second hand shop. Then I painted this watercolor bird on it.
I hope you like it :)


So beautiful!!! and amazing you created the bag from recycled materials! 🙌😁 🌳♻️💙

Great job @martist!!

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Thank you my dear @melooo182! 🌿

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How creative! It's cute, you can decorate your own clothes and items that well, that's great! Happy week for you :)

Thank you so much @elisonr13 :)

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It' really nice, I can also easily reconize the bird. It makes a beautiful and unique backpack . Good job

Thanks! ;)

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I love this design. Too bad I wasn't born as a girl. Or else I'd order one for myself! 😄

Thanks for sharing!

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