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Hello Artists and Art Lovers ❤

The contest ART OF LIGHT has ended. Thank you all for your great contributions to the contest.

As an artist, I appreciate every single artwork, I understand and value all your precious time, skills, techniques, effort and passion in art.

As a curator, it’s very hard for me to select the best artwork for the prizes. I just wish I could have more prizes to give as I love many more than I can award prizes to. I always try my best and provide as much transparency of the selection and curation process for artworks; transparency is one of the main concepts of using a blockchain right? I have used the method of ranking based on art judging criterias from some of the great artists of all time, like Roger de Piles and Salvador Dalí.

  • Ranking by Roger de Piles
    by Roger de Piles.jpg

  • Ranking by Salvador Dalí
    by Salvador Dalí.jpg

Here we don’t rank artists, we rank artwork, so it’s simpler. Art seems subjective but when we rank based on each objective judging criteria, the curation become clearer and explainable and has greater guarantee for quality, any other elements outside of art should not effect the curation process, like personal relationships. We have to make fare judgements based on these 8 objective judging criterias.

1. The subject matter of the artwork: artwork have to meet the rules of the contest (no repost on Steem, no NSFW, no Fan-art, no plagiarism art, …)
2. Composition: The way the subject matter is framed, the placing of the other elements as well as the prospective shown.
3. Techniques, degree of difficulty: How the artist manages the lines, shade, definition and use of the art medium. Also take into consideration of the time and effort needed to create the artwork, a few hours for simple artwork versus a few months for a masterpiece.
4. Drawing anatomy: The fundamental skill, comes from the study and the talent of the artist. Their ability to capture accurately the whole body structure and also in every detail like hands and fingers in living subjects.
5. Light: The impression given by the lighting in the artwork, the ability to use light and shade to communicate the message of the artwork.
6. Colour: The harmony or contrast created by the use of colour in the artwork, does the artwork use colour effectively?
7. Creativity: The idea and concept being communicated through the artwork. Original art will be rank higher than derivative art, and derivative art will be judged on how much has been copied and how much is their own personal style.
8. Overall impression: The feeling and impression from the artwork as a whole. This can be more subjective than other art judging criterias.

Now I’m honored to announce the prizes for the following 6 artworks. Congratulations to the prize winners !

3rd Prize (3 Artworks): 3,000 Topaz Tokens each

You look here by @kouhei-gahaku


A painting in a unique abstract style, playing with contrasting colors to express the light. The post also included a lovely poem that you can read.

Little light by @barbarabezina


This artwork was created using photomanipulation; it expresses emotions by the use of prospective, texture and lighting.

Acro Yoga by @gunnarheilmann


This is a wonderful example of light painting and shows a great combination of silhouette and light.

2rd Prize (2 Artworks) : 5000 TOPAZ tokens each

A Lake of Light by @inu-jim


A well crafted piece from @inu-jim, who describes the use of transparency as an experiment. I would agree that the technique works well and adds to the other lighting elements.

Mushroom Girl by @yanes94


A beautiful combination of fantasy and nature in this artwork from @yanes94. This includes the use of neon lighting and the very special texture and lighting on the skin. You can read more about her concept for this very unique and interesting piece that is a commentary on our relationship with nature.

1rd Prize (1 Artworks) : 10.000 TOPAZ tokens

Mother by @sweettais


The artist did not just bring the use of beautiful light to the art of light, she also created meaningful metaphorical light with a great concept. You can read her own description below:

“In this surreal work, I depicted [the] mother in the form [of a] burning candle, which gives [the] child knowledge which she has and [she] melts, like wax.
Next to her, I portrayed a child, [in] this work, I wanted to show how important it is to value mom, because she devotes her life to a small candle that learns this world.” - @sweettais

Again we thank you all for sharing your art in this contest so everyone has a chance to learn and gather inspiration from you all. Together we can create a great art environment and art community on the Steem blockchain.



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Thank you so much. I feel honored and happy 🙏

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The honor is mine to be able to see such great art and play some part in sharing it with others. Wishing you all the best @gunnarheilmann

Congratulations to the winners.

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Thank you so much!!!!

You're most welcome @sweettais. Thank you for sharing your great work with us. I hope to see more of your beautiful creations in the near future ❤

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Wow!!! Beautiful works you chose dear Liv, congratulations to all the winners. <3 <3 <3

Without a doubt, the work of @sweettais is amazing!!!

And congratulations to you @yanes94! It's been such a pleasure to see each new artwork from you ❤

As always Liv, you presented so beautiful the winners and I like the way of your explanation how you made your decision, it is good for participants to know to think and realize that it is really something behind the chosen works and why they have what they have.

I miss your works very much, I hope you are working on some projects and one day will surprise us with some extraordinary work :)

Thank you @stef1 for your kind words, you're one of most lovely and generous people I have had the pleasure to meet on Steem 😍❤

As a curator, I have always felt strongly about the need for fairness and transparency, specially when curating on behalf of others or projects.

Lifes been quite busy for me this year with some big changes, I hope things will settle down soon and I will have the headspace to think and dream creatively again to produce some new artworks.

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