Love Foundered In The Fall

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Hello Steemian Friends ...

This time I took part again to take part in the contest initiated by @ntopaz, titled "AUTENN SCENERY". a visual work with fallen leaves, with a piece of face between the trees and colorful leaves that I had done the day before.

Here I am illustrated by a poem that I composed with my own feelings. with the theme "Love foundered in the fall".

Love Foundered In The Fall

The sun shines again before morning.
Burn the pores of every living body in the power of the earth.

Foliage that falls will immediately bloom again photosynthesize adorn nature.

Autumn has just arrived.
Together with happy memories filled with romantic words.
But will those memories disappear?
When the colorful leaves will fall out of the leaves.

Is it just that easy?
Love that always comes and goes.
Like the season that will pass, which is replaced with another season.
But why is everything directed at me?

If love is wrong, do I have to hate you?
If you miss me, do I have to dump you?
Isn't it unfair if I always look unhappy?

And when you can love me, but I can't do it my way.
You might miss me too, but I can't feel it the way I want.
All always fascinated in your way.

And when someone says love is freedom, of course it's not with you.
I feel increasingly confined by your love.

If they say love is beautiful, then it's not with you.
Because I felt that that night never moved to drive out the darkness.

I have lost that freedom.
Because I'm just autumn for you. Who wants to free all evil from your branch.
Then let the sun be responsible for growing you back.

Autumn will pass soon.
With the sun promising a new summer.
I will be left picking up colored leaves which will soon become the top layer of soil.

But, don't ever doubt yourself.
And don't you forget either,
Because it's not only the sun that you always need.
Where your roots are always difficult to keep you strong.

Thank you, hopefully this imagination can provide impetus for motivation.
Greetings Creative,

I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work: Instagram

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