Valentine's Day is very soon

in ntopaz •  2 months ago

ntopaz-image-0So now you should think about the gifts. The most popular and widespread gift for the Day of all lovers - Valentine. And today I wanted to paint a romantic card with watercolors.

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[nTopaz Curator]

Your drawing skills are fundamental to the excellence of this piece @ksenja. Beautifully executed.


⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️

Beautiful one @ksenja!!! 👏👏👏 👩‍🎨


This man like a Hollywood star


It's really a lovely painting I like the boy look, so cute and romantic.

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Thank you. This man is nice in real!

this art is awesome i like the color pallete a lot thanks for sharing, you have my upvote hope you recive a lot more


This man is my inspiration)