A portrait with a flower.

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Don't ask what the author meant, what allegory is it.
I guess everyone has a way of starting something without a plan and... ...and that's how it turned out.

Line by line, color by color, Natalia was sitting next to me, so I added her profile too.
That's how it turned out.

And you know what?
I like it.


Beautiful combination :)

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Beautiful portrait, this girl Natalia, the pose is perfect her transparency gives that sensual touch, the white color makes a contrast with the whole environment, I love the drawings with flowers, the pastel colors give me feeling of tenderness, calm. I congratulate you on your good art and the curie vote. Greetings.

Hi kittykate,

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I do not like the portrait much, however the idea of ​​flowers and the profile does attract my attention. There is the impression of a mystery of something that is not meant to be said but that is in the air. Good suggestion! Regards @kittykate

The flower is very interesting. I have not seen a flower with so many different colours as intense as this before.
I like Natalia's profile, I think you drew her beautifully demure, I love the side view of her eyes but she looks a little sad. I hope she is alright?

hey, this is a great painting, sometimes the hands go by themselves, following instinct and wind !! thank you for sharing and congratulations on your work

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