Remembering a little baby tucan.

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Greetings friends!
I want to share with you a drawing I made of a bird that I once had the joy of having in my hands, a tucan, of course I was a pigeon. I remember that my friends and I went to walk in the mountains and we saw that scene very sad and at the same time of impotence: the little tucan was on the ground and his mother died without his beak!
Why are there such people in the world?
Could it be that they do not know that they are destroying a harmless living being?
It was very impressive to see, at first we did not know that they were toucans because in the city where we live it is not common to see this type of birds. It was until the rangers arrived and took the pigeon with his mother and there confirmed their suspicions, it was toucans ...
Thank God that today is in a zoo, which incidentally I have to go to see how this colored picon, this beautiful bird was called ...
No more to add, I leave my drawing made on sheet of white paper and painted with colored pencils =)
I hope you like it =)


Drawing process:




One of the missing images in the process was when I painted the plumage ... I deleted it without wanting = (


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