#220 Addis Ababa (2) - People Photography by Worldcapture Week #22 | 埃塞首都剪影(二)

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So this is not the Little Match Girl in Denmark, but a little peanut boy in Ethiopia. :) I guess he's smiling all the time not because I bought his peanuts, but because he's just happy. I didn't ask for change, but the tiny amount of money probably wouldn't even get him a lunch.

I am a cheerful (perhaps cheeky too if I say so ;p) person most of the time, and I love capturing these happy moments. Life is not easy, but we can still smile. :D It's also my entry to People Photography Week #22 by @worldcapture. Check out this contest and join the fun!


大部分时候我都是个快活的疯子,所以也喜欢拍这些灿烂的人们。困苦不可怕,可怕的是不会穷开心。:D 生活虐我们千百遍,我们还要不要待它如初恋?

- 拍于埃塞俄比亚首都亚的斯亚贝巴街头 -

All content by @itchyfeetdonica
图文 by Donica多
Photo shot with Canon Kiss X3

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Very nice street portrait in black and white

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