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ntopaz-image-0Hello to all internet art lovers ^ _ ^

Wow !!! I really did not expect that my previous guide, had such a good reception, I see and I am glad to know that it helps many people who had difficulties with that, it is the things that motivate to continue doing and sharing these guides.

This is the third part of my explanation about the perspective in the drawing, and I only need one more on the perspective which will be the last of the year, this time this guide is about something that many, but many cartoonists omit, or how much they do it in some of their drawings they end up complicating themselves more, and it is on how to apply the perspective to several characters in a drawing, or in summary how to draw crowds of people, and that feels depth and distance between them; The content of this guide is a complement to the previous one that I try to apply the perspective to the human figure, in this one the perspective is applied to multiple human figures (or another type of figure) in the same scene and transmit distance between them, something which is very useful for drawing cities, towns, beaches or other scenarios with a lot of social activity, and especially for drawing cartoons of a comic ^ _ ^

Pencil sketch of my guide


When I make the sketch of my guide, I focus on what it takes visually, and when I finish the digitization, it is that I start to locate how much text it takes, this time I had to discard one of the example drawings of the characters out of the picture, for reasons of space for the text.

Separadores para Web-01.png

The Characters and the horizon line

Perspectiva a Distancia 1.gif

In the perspective, three positions are managed from one or two vanishing points, above, in and below the horizon line. The frame in black lines of each figure indicates the height of the character; and within this measure how it will be projected to the vanishing point.

Characters in the linear perspective

Perspectiva a Distancia 2.gif

The proper handling of the perspective is an important part of any drawing in which you want to convey depth, to place any character on a stage that you want or have applied perspective, the parallel lines emerging from the vanishing point, will define the height of the characters, the top line will mark the limit of the head and the bottom line the base of the feet.

Out of Frame Characters

Perspectiva a Distancia 3.gif

When you want to make a scene where an extreme approach to one of the characters is shown, so that it cannot appear in full body, and still you want to show interaction with other characters directly that will be located in the background, you you must proceed to locate the vanishing point and then project them on the same baselines from the vanishing point and calculate out of frame the height of this character in relation to the vanishing point, once this is done it would only be necessary to accommodate the background characters of according to its proximity to the one in the foreground.

Perspective in characters within the same painting (drawing of crowds)

Perspectiva a Distancia 4.gif

When wanting to represent many characters in the same scene and convey the feeling of depth and distance between them, you just have to correctly apply the perspective based on two vanishing points, each pair of lines emerging from the vanishing point will indicate where your feet begin and up to where it reaches the height of its head, if there will be more characters on the same level, it will be sufficient to draw two emergent orthogonal (horizontal) lines of the character that determine the proportion from the head and feet of the other characters with whom he will share the level.

Characters at different levels

Perspectiva a Distancia 5.gif

Remember that everything happens in the proportion, position and relationship that each figure has with respect to the vanishing point, it can be somewhat complicated when the figures or characters are at different levels, planes and positions just follow the same procedure from the perspective indicated, the lines of van des the vanishing points are those that will give all the proportions and the direction of the legs if the character is seated, in these cases the midline of proportion is taken as the middle part of a stand up and it won't be difficult to do it.

Technical information:

Vector digital drawing
Program used Adobe Illustrator CC 2015
Full resolution 4724 x 3602px at 300dpi

Spanish version

La Perspectiva En Personajes a Distancia.png

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my Guide and find it very useful
See you in an upcoming post


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Me encanta tu explicación y los niveles están geniales, me encantan tus personajes,son mas chulas.!

Gracias Carmen jeje tenia mucho tiempo pensando en el diseño de estas chicas, originalmente iban ser solo una pero me gustaron tanto los 3 diseños que decidí incluir a las 3 en mis guias

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