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Hello guys! I'm really happy to bring you this post.

The contest was really awesome, a lot of good talent participate on it and I'm truly happy to highlight the winners of my contest. The criteria to choose this winners was based on the followings elements:

  • Originality: When I talked about originality I was looking for the people to improve the chosen songs by including personal touches to it.

  • Quality: This point was implicit but I'll highlight the fact that I looked for the artists to bring the best possible work in every way for the contest.

  • Performance: I'm always wanting the people to show how they love what they're doing, if you're singing and you love it, let your face and body show that! If you're playing, show it! Dance! Scream! Move!

Also, I put a couple of rules to count the participation as a valid entry:

  • Upload NEW Entries: This was a rule to not upload old works as an entry because that would be counted as a repost and have less weight within the contest.

  • Don't make plagiarism: I don't have to explain this point, if you made plagiarism, then you're out.

Alright, let's go then! Let's do this!

Vocal Talent

In this section I focused my criteria into the vocal talents that participate on it, so the determining aspect was the vocal technique by singing, so, here you have the Vocal Talents than won the Musical Talent Contest!

1rst Place (earning 2000 TPZ Tokens) - @siomarasalmeron

What else can I say from this sweet lady? Her talent to sing is just beautiful, her voice goes inside your ears. go through your head and reach your soul to make you feel happy, and delighted a lot, her entries were excellent and she even gift us an original song to the NTopaz platform, how could we not give her the first place? Just listen to this!

Hay Amores (Shakira) || Cover

2nd Place (earning 1000 TPZ Tokens) - @eugelys

I really love the voice of this girl! I've always told her it when we sing in any Discord Server where the party start. I feel a little bit sad because I didn't saw another entry for her but her participation was truly funny and beautiful, it was a classic song from Disney from "The Little Mermaid". The best part of it was that she was acting while she was singing! What a performance! Just listen to this!

Parte de él || Cover

Instrumental Talent

In this section, I focused my criteria in the instrumental playing skills more than other thing (if the person was singing and playing at the same time) so, the winners of the instrumental playing technique are:

1rst Place (2000 TPZ Tokens) - @alfredmusic

This is a super talented musician, his piano skills are just insane! No matter if he's playing a danceable rhythm or playing some jazz, he really knows how to play it! In his performance he bring a great song where he sing and play at the same time, just listen to this!

Tú me acostumbraste (Luis Miguel) || Cover

2nd Place (earning 1000 TPZ Tokens) - @kkarenmp

Karen is a super talented violinist from Venezuela, I met her about 7 month ago in Steemit and I've been a really huge fan of her work, her passion and her awesome technique to play the violin. She bring us a cover from a heartfelt ballad song, I really enjoy it a lot, just listen to this:

Gianluca Grignani - Historia entre mis Dedos (Cover Violin)

Well, that's it! I hope that you enjoy it a lot this awesome contest and this awesome talents from the @ntopaz platform!

Good vibes always!

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Grandiosas presentaciones ❤ Felicitaciones para los ganadores, ustedes son muy talentosos @siomarasalmeron, @eugelys, @alfredmusic, @kkarenmp 💎 Esperamos seguir viendo sus maravillosas entradas en la sección general [CR] de @nTopaz


Qué bueno ver qué algunas personas reconocen y valoran el talento, 100% apoyo a @siomarasalmeron

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Gracias @smeralda♥️

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Muchas Gracias :) que feliz me siento haber ganado por primera vez un concurso jejejeje saludos y de nnuevo gracias por el apoyo

Aaaaw what an honor! Well I could not post another entry due to the electricity issues :( Next time I Will record earlier;) I am happy! Thanks a lot! ❤️

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Thank you for being such an amazing singer! Keep doing that awesome work! Love it! <3

Que increible por fin gane mi primer concurso jejejeje :P muchas gracias por el apoyo y de verdad disfruto mucho lo que hago y encantadisima siempre de compartir mi trabajo y mas con esta grandiosa plataforma. Ok respiro jajajaja es que estoy feliz nunca he ganado un concurso aqui jajajajaja. Saludos


Siempre hay una primera vez para todo señorita, muchas gracias por traernos siempre su mejor talento y disposición para crecer, saludos y bendiciones.

Muchas felicidades campeones, son todos increíbles, que sigan cosechando éxitos.

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Me gustaría saber cómo puedo participar.

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Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores.
Buena vibra.