Sèvres Chryses praying to Apollo Musée du Louvre - Pen and pencil drawing based on sculpture

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Hi steemians sharing with you a recent pen and pencil drawing done on A5 paper based on a sculpture I saw in the Louvre. I used pencils of various shades such as 6B, 2B and HB and pen for the darkest tones in the drawing. I find the sadness in his expression very powerful and wanted to capture this in the drawing. I think I can work on blended the blacks more with the other tones so it looks more realistic. I could use graphite or even darker pencils for this effect. It took me a few hours to do.

Thanks for checking the post out!


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oh! It is a true work of art, you put in practice the realization of your paintings that is very appreciated

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Thanks! :)

Fantastic! I very like details and your drawing technique! Great job!


Thanks :)