Tears of Light - Simple Light Painting

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ntopaz-image-0Very simple light painting using a small acrylic blade with a torch. Just a few second exposure time.

Anyhow if you love it as much as i do leave a comment or an upvote - Any sign is appreciated and motivates me to keep my work going.

If you have more questions how its done ask me please.
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Quite a lot of meaning and symbolism in this photo. Crying with the light while being in the dark. Dark and light always goes together. Is this a dark soul trying to return to the light.. or just last light being cried out before approaching final darkness? There are a lot of interpretations here... Very interesting and telling a STORY!

Thank you for having a close look at the picture. The time one takes to see what you see has become rare these days. I appreciate your time and understanding 🙏

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It is so good idea! How impressive it is! Light becomes a reality as beauty. Holy described face also so impressive! Even dark, it shows us very bright emotion to get off ordinary image we usually meet. In the meaning of the beauty, you captured a precious moment. So unique work. Thank you for sharing ~~

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and especially the time you spent to get to find meaningful depth and details in my work. So many thanks.

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Don't cry for me.....

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I guess you get the message 😎 thank you for your support 🙏

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