[CR] Cute mermaids set

in ntopaz •  13 days ago

ntopaz-image-0Hello steemit, I have many days without sharing anything here, but I have returned and this year I want to be much more constant, almost 2 years have passed since I am part of this community.

I want to share with you this small set of illustrations that I made by commission, are some beautiful mermaids, one of my themes to draw favorites without any doubt.

for this type of drawings I didnt make a previous sketch, I started to create them with shapes using the pen tool in adobe illustrator using some reference images and then I color the shapes with the gradient tool, modifying the colors and degrees of orientation in this effect

I love drawing, so I really enjoyed making these little mermaids, I hope you like them too <3

I hope you like it
Thanks for the support! <3
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Wow! so cute! Maybe you can design them to be alphabet? haha!

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thank you <3
yes I can

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These are so adorable, @genyway ! The colours are so wonderful and lovely <3


thank you <3 <3

Your sirens @genyway are very beautiful, they seem incredible!!!


I'm glad you like it <3