"SPLINTERLANDS" Fantasy and Music Stories Contest | Week 30 | "CORNEALUS" the lost eye of the Giant 👀

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Welcome to the fantastic story of @splinterlands about the letter "Cornealus".

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"CORNEALUS" the lost eye of the Giant 👀

In some century of this world, when all Splinterlands was one, a great battle had formed between 3 giants who wanted to demonstrate their strength. They were: Magnor, The Pacific Giant and Ettin Spearman.

It had always been speculated that the 3 had the same strength, and this bothered them deeply like a thorn in their hearts. Then, they decided to meet and finish that myth once and for all: with a battle trio.

The one who fell first would be the weakest, the one who fell second would be the middle one and the one who stood would be the strongest. The battle lasted 200 and a half years, people said that every time they passed near the mountains, they could hear the blows of those three beings, as if huge rocks collided with each other. That became a monument to admire.

As it turned out, everything went as expected. This fight only slowly forged a monster that would soon unleash its fury. In some of those many hits, the 3 hit one hit for each in the right eye, expelling those three eyes.

Peaceful Giant.pngMagnor.pngEttin Spearman.png

At that moment they understood that the 3 had the same strength and that nothing was going to change that. Then they collapsed on the ground, after 300 years, to sleep for a night. The next day they had risen and made passes, as a sign of peace and friendship. Being giants, they had supernatural powers and could recover their right eyes simply by putting them on top. Each grabbed his right eye and landed on the hole, restoring it ... Less Magnor, who couldn't find his own.

-Surely he rolled away from the blow -the Pacific Giant commented-, I think he went to those mountains in the south.

Magnor, felt that part of his body was far away and decided to go look for her. He left them that same day and headed. Days, weeks, months and years passed and after such a long time, he could finally find his lost eye.

The giant was impressed, when on one night on that plain, under the moonlight, he found his eye consuming 10 humans until they were absorbed by life, with a thirst that only a monster would have.

-Hey, my eye! I need you here again, ”said the giant as he pointed to the hollow of his right eye. So come quickly.

The lost eye, meanwhile, paid no attention even if the giant yelled at him. Only when he finished devouring humans completely, he turned and said:

-You are no longer my owner, for years I had to look at what you wanted and learn many good and bad things. Now I am "Cornealus" and nobody can send on me.

The giant, enraged, pounced on him to force him into his cavity. But he was instantly knocked out by Cornealus, leaving him unconscious in one fell swoop.

-You were a great vessel, but you didn't give value to the parts of your bodies because you could simply regenerate them if you had them. Now it is I who rule over you ... Or maybe not, your vital energy will help me regain all my power. Thank you for being my main dish.

And with his veins he engulfed the giant sucking his blood until he left it without a drop. He absorbed it and disintegrated his flesh and tissues until there was only a tangle of dried, wrinkled and shapeless meat. Cornealus was now much stronger, thanks to that absorbed power he could see miles and miles from where he was. Thus he could find that far away there was a village with several giants, which he could eat. So he swooped that same night at the speed of light.

On that other day, only the bodies of the giants that were gathered there remained in that village. Cornealus, who had absorbed them, was a Supreme God and had acquired the power to see 100 days in the future. After that feast, he went to an uninhabited cave and hibernated 3 months, then wake up with a fleeting hunger ... They say his favorite dish is the giants.

Cornealus (1).png

Oh, those who are close when you wake up!
Corneales, the lost eye will not hesitate to eat you.

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Greetings to all! Have a nice day / afternoon / night 💝

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