[CO] Elf warrior.

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The love for his people made her strong.

The revenge left her without feelings.

The humiliation of her blood, made her a warrior woman.


Hi dear friends.

Today I show my third digital drawing, made in ibispaint, is a Warrior Elf, a woman who fights to protect all her people while they suffer the wars of enemy kings. I will use this drawing to participate for the second time in "Fantasy Art Contest" sponsored by @ntopaz.

My experience with the realization of this work, was very pleasant, since when comparing them with my other two drawings, it can be seen how much I have progressed. I must say that the most complicated thing that has seemed to me is to paint the lips; I spent a lot of time in them. The shading, it seems to me that it has been cleaner than the others, and the hair very laborious many details to do, but I am happy that it has been very well.

Drawing process

Step 1: Sketch

IMG B.png

IMG C.png


Step 2: Shading

IMG D.png


Step 3: Hair

IMG E.png

IMG F.png


Finished drawing

IMG .png


I used approximately 28 layers.

IMG A.png

Drawing process in gif animation

IMG .gif

Copyright @francisftlp -All Rights Reserved


Please if there is something I need to improve, I would appreciate it if you told me, I am learning and always constructive criticism help to improve the work. I appreciate that you have read my post, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful drawing. You can support my work with upvote, follow or refeem, I will be totally grateful. You can also leave your comments, I would love to know what you think of my work.

Blessings steemit.

Until next time!


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Hell know, maybe previous life I was an Elf? Because simply love them!

[nTopaz Curator]

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Maybe you were, my dear friend, and being that way probably I was also because I like them a lot.

What a beautiful and charming portrait, Francis. I love the choice of colours on this one! Nicely done!


Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it, and it was a bit complicated to make a drawing like this in digital, but I'm happy to have finished it.

ohhh your 2 entries are wonderful. Congratulations Francis!


Thank you very much I'm glad you really like it, I appreciate your words.

I like very much! You have put a lot of effort into giving those details to the lips and the eyes look realistic, the hair has been very good.
The elf are very brave and when it comes to defending their village they do so even if they die in battle.
Thank you for participating in the contest!


Yes, I agree with you, the elves are very brave and inspiring.

A really strong looking elven warrior portrait, @kothy ! Love her expression as it captures the descriptions well <3

Good luck in the contest :D


Thank you very much, you are very kind, I am glad that I got the expression to show how warrior she is.
Thank you very much for your good wishes.

She looks as if she's going to war and she's ready for it :).


She is always ready to fight, the elves are like that, always attentive to everything.

Hey, hope you are having a nice day!

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