[CR] Drawing by Adam Sandler.

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Greetings dear friends!

After a long time, I started to draw again with pencils of graphite, and I confess that it was very difficult to use these types of pencils again, I was so distrustful in each step I was making, so I dedicated myself to read again the art books. So I was able to confirm that what many people say is true: what is not practiced is forgotten. But I promise you now if I'm going to continue practicing.

I must mention that with this drawing I fulfill a promise I made to @foxkoit, I promised a black and white portrait, and here I present it. @foxkoit sorry for the delay, I hope you like it.

Very well, I dared to draw this actor basically because I had a week watching his movies, and I can not deny that I enjoy his work, it makes me laugh out loud, and since I am in the round of drawings of favorite actors, I can not leave ignore Adam Sandler.

Presentation of the drawing:

IMG A.jpg


❢Technical Information:❢

Materials I used:

Graphite pencils scales 2H, HB, 2B, 6B and 8B.

Sheet of white thread, dimensions 120 mm x 206 mm.


Total time to do the work:

5 hours.


For the photos I used a samsung galaxy s3 mini gt-i8190.


❢Here I show the step by step of the drawing❢

Step 1: realization of the sketch, for this I used the graphite pencil 2H.

IMG I.jpg

Step 2: Definition of shading, with the HB graphite pencil, I created a base in order to define the shadows. With the graphite pencil 2B, I darkened parts of the face as the cheeks nose and mouth. With the graphite pencil 6B I painted the darker sides, such as the eyes, the nostrils and the shading of the ears..

IMG II.jpg

Step 3: In this step I applied the same thing as in the previous step on the other side of the face.


Step 4: For the clothes I used a 2B and 6B graphite pencil. For the hair first I created a base with the graphite pencil 2B and then with the graphite pencil 8B I created layers of hair.

IMG IV.jpg


Drawing process in gif animation:


Below I show you a comparison of my work with the original image.

IMG V.png

Here I am with the drawing.

IMG B.jpg


I hope you enjoyed!

I say goodbye steemit, not without first, thank you all for supporting my work, them for reading and devoting a little of their time.

Until next time!

Blessings to everyone.

"To be happy, we have to start loving ourselves and our work!"



Such an impressive and skillful artwork:) I cannot wait for the next one to see. If i may suggest, may you can start making polls and ask the users what they like you to draw. Have a list and use @dpoll as tool i think it is amazing and is saw other people use it. You will engage more make the viewers feel included in the process:)

Hey... this come very cool...I like this Black and white art 😋😋 I'm sure it is not easy to to this 😮👌✏✏✏✏

Someminit more I can give also upvote. 😉

Hey, I'm glad you liked it, I must thank you for inspiring me to use this technique again. I hope you like the next black and white drawings that I will make.

You are welcome :) and I come back then soon. :)

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Wow, you've captured his expression truly well. Outstanding portrait, Francis!

Thank you very much, sorry for answering so late. I'm always glad to see your comments.
Greets and a hug.

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